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Why Websites Matter

When we look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and Google Business, it seems that websites may not be that important anymore. Everywhere you look, there is a request to connect with another brand. Everyone from local Mom and Pop Stores to Fortune 50 companies are embracing social media in an effort to build stronger relationships with their customers and harness the power of personal social networks. In fact, you may have had the thought that a website is a waste of time and money as we all race to be the best on social media platforms. However, there are many reasons why websites still matter in 2020.

1) Authority. When you have a well-designed, user-friendly, website with informative, quality content, that establishes trust with your clientele. It shows them that you have the expertise and authority, as well as demonstrating a certain amount of permanence. Social media sites can be up and down as algorithms and analytics change, so your website should be the central focal point of your online presence.

2) Social Media isn’t yours. Relying on social media exclusively is a frightening idea. After all, what happens when the platform you rely on begins to make changes that negatively affect you? Algorithms change all the time, which could potentially cause you to disappear. They are also known to create new rules that could impact your ability to communicate with your clients or make you disappear altogether. When you drive traffic to your own website, you are and always will be in control of these factors.

3) Local SEO. Your website is what drives local SEO. If you want to be found on Google and Bing, you need a solid internet presence. A website with your own domain and unique content is a fundamental part of that internet presence. While it isn’t impossible, it’s far more difficult to rank in local listings without your own website.

4) Return On Investment. When you consider the cost of printed marketing materials and the cost of designing a website, it almost always makes sense to invest in a website.

5) Home Base. A website gives you the ability to connect all your other marketing efforts. Your website is the hub of your online presence. You can display products, provide educational or informational materials, and demonstrate your industry expertise.

6) Consumer Expectations. While people are increasingly able to find the information they need and take action directly from search results, most consumers expect a local business to have a website. In The Digital Consumer Study, the Local Search Association found that 63% of consumers used the website to find a local business or interact with it.

7) Branding. Websites are an essential part of building your brand. You cannot have a professional image for your brand without a website. Anything less discredits your authority and makes your business appear less professional.

8) Customer Service. Customers look to social media for customer service, but that isn’t always practical or efficient. Having your own website allows you to take control of your customer service process and direct customers to up-to-date FAQ pages or customer service contact info simply by sharing a link.

9) Competition. Your competitors have a website, and if you don’t, you are missing opportunities.

If you don’t know where to start, we can help you build a fully SEO optimized, mobile responsive website and get you ranking in local search listings, help you run ads, build and boost credibility online, and get more business.

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