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Why Pay For SEO?

We’ve all heard the term SEO, but what is search engine optimization and why do you need to hire a professional SEO management team? It seems there are plenty of web platforms that say they help with it, right?

One reason you shouldn’t skimp on SEO is because it ensures your site shows up in searches, and there is so much more to the formula than meets the eye.

But these website platforms make it sound so easy, right? Not so fast.

Although it seem deceivingly simple, SEO is actually a complex process. It’s pretty obvious when you look at businesses that have tech-savvy professionals at the helm and see how they outrank the DIYers every time.

That’s where professional SEO services come in.

The performance of your website should only be entrusted to the experts. Experienced people who know the ins and outs of good SEO can make a huge difference in your success or failure.

Let’s take a peek at a few reasons outsourcing your search engine optimization can boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction. Not to mention, the professionals are well-versed at driving key conversations that lead to more sales, while freeing up your valuable time to do what you do best!

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

1. Keeping Up with SEO Updates is Difficult

Hiring an in-house team for your SEO might seem like a good idea, but the time and money you will spend is significant with training, onboarding and benefits. You will also have to provide continuing education to ensure they are up-to-speed every time there is an adjustment that affects strategy.

That may seem manageable until you consider that Google alone updates algorithms between 500 to 600 times per year. That evens out to around two updates per day. If you add in changes on Bing and other search engines, you realize how important expertise and continuous education can be.

Minor changes may have little or no impact on your SEO standing, but there is never a guarantee on a day to day basis, so running knowledge is critical.

Who’s going to monitor those changes?

If you pull from your existing, internal employees, chances are anyone you task with SEO duties will also have his or her own, job-related responsibilities, and no one can realistically or effectively manage two full-time jobs.

Effectively Use Trends and Changes

Using professional SEO services helps ensure that your company takes advantage of every SEO change.

You get to stay up-to-date every time an algorithm or trend changes or a technical adjustment is made, and you’ll also learn how it impacts strategy and optimization going forward.

Because your SEO team is an objective third party, they can try new theories and analyze your process while ensuring that you won’t get pinged or penalized for not keeping up.

2. Consistent, Quality Content is Key

SEO relies on routine delivery of high-quality content. When you know your target audience and have done the research on trending topics for your niche, you need constant content to ensure you have relevant keywords and appear in customer’s current searches.

You can’t post once a month and hope it’s enough to keep people’s attention, especially if its buried deep in the subpages of your site. It also doesn’t keep the search engine’s happy if you are only reposting content from others in your industry.

It’s far more important to devote the necessary time and attention to providing meaningful, informational content that your readers find useful in their lives or work.

Google’s Search Quality Team  realized the importance of this in building a web presence and built it into their algorithms to ensure they remain the best source for great information.

Investing money in professional SEO services gives you writers who can help you churn out timely, accurate and effective content. They walk you through the process, whether it’s content creation, curation, posting, or scheduling, so you can make the biggest impact possible.

3. Great Link Building Requires Stellar Strategy

One of the first things you learn about SEO is the importance of links. Good links boost your visibility and draw new readers to your page.

Don’t think of this as “Any attention is good attention” because that is simply not true. A link to your website from a page that seems spammy or malicious could lead to severe Google penalties. Even if you do all the required link cleanup, you may not be able to repair the damage to your branding and customer associations.

What does that mean for you? It’s important to plan your link building strategy carefully. By hiring SEO professionals, you keep your reputation intact and stay in good standing with the search engines. They will watch your links for suspicious activity, assess any incoming links to ensure their integrity and remove any incredulous links before they can negatively impact your ranking.

Do you have the time and resources to handle these duties internally? If not, professional SEO services could be the answer to making sure all traffic that enters your site is legitimate, reputable — and profitable.

4. Analytics Can’t Be Overlooked

Today, you can get a relatively accurate view of your website’s performance via a quick review of Google Analytics. This free resource gives you up-to-the-minute information on who’s looking at your site, where they’re coming from, how long they’re sticking around, and other important metrics.

Yet, unless you’re trained in SEO specifics, you might not be taking advantage of the full extent of this resource.

Experts who provide professional SEO services are trained to use analytics to its capacity. They’ll know how to use the results to help you ascertain:

  • If you’ve correctly configured and customized Google Analytics
  • If your codes are accurately implemented and activated across your website
  • If your views are set up to provide access to mission-critical data you need
  • If your Google Analytics code is properly deployed to eliminate blind spots

Working hand-in-hand with someone who knows what to look for and where to find it is worth gold when it comes to SEO. Sometimes, the only determining factor in your search rankings might be a misunderstood outcome in your analysis review.

Professional SEO services take the guesswork out of these critiques. This helps you better understand your current status and how you can improve moving forward.

5. An Outside Perspective Reveals Holes

Your work products are reflective of your company as a whole. Therefore, it’s easy to become entwined in them.

Yet, anyone who’s ever worked tirelessly on a task knows that a little time away is often the key to gaining a fresh and renewed perspective.

That leads us to another reason why it pays to hire professional SEO services to take the reign.

If you’ve been managing your own, internal SEO strategy up to this point, there’s a very real chance that you’re not seeing some holes or weak links in your approach.

Basic psychology mandates that we often overestimate our own abilitiesand in turn, hold greater confidence in our competence.

A team providing professional SEO services, on the other hand, can look at your organization with a new set of eyes. Your assigned resources will perform an in-depth audit of your existing best SEO practices, examine your web layout, and work closely with you to map a plan toward stronger results.

6. You’ll Gain Access to Specialized Technology

If you decide to attempt SEO on your own, you’ll have access to a handful of free or inexpensive tools. Many of these, like Google Analytics, are incredibly helpful resources, but they work most strongly when deployed in concert with other solutions.

There are tons of advanced technical resources available that can help you improve your SEO standing. For instance, you can find tools that help you with:

  • Backlink tracking
  • Search position monitoring
  • Keyword management
  • Google Analytics
  • Competitive review analysis

If you choose to go out and purchase all of this software on your own, you’ll invest a hefty portion of valuable revenue toward the endeavor.

Yet, when you use professional SEO resources, you’ll have access to the same functionality provided through your outsourced team. This way, you still reap the benefits these solutions have to offer, typically at no extra charge to you as a customer.

7. You Can Better Plan and Budget

Investing in professional SEO services allows you to know precisely when your SEO-related payments are due, so there are no surprises.

In this sense, you’re better able to plan your company budget, as you know exactly where your money is going and when it’s coming out of the account.

You’ll also operate with more stability. Only calling in SEO experts on an ad-hoc or as-needed basis is an unpredictable and unsteady way to operate.

What’s to say that you’ll have the monies in place when such subcontractors show up? What if your teams are otherwise engaged or out of town when they suddenly need to participate?

Professional SEO services add an element of balance and cohesion to the SEO planning process. You’ll always know who’s working with you, how to reach them, and what you’ll be expected to pay on your end.

This is great news because if there’s one place you don’t want a surprise, it’s in the middle of your SEO strategy.

8. You Can Save Money

Deciding on professional SEO services won’t necessarily bring your company scores of money. However, this one decision can save you an impressive amount in the long run.


By choosing not to task internal employees with SEO strategies, you free them up to become as efficient (and in turn, cost-effective) as possible. You also eliminate the costly and time-consuming refresher training sessions that you’ll undoubtedly need.

Thus, any savings you may earn by keeping your focus on your in-house resources could actually run dry. When it does, moving your data and strategies to a company that provides professional SEO resources is your next best bet.

9. Social Marketing Boosts Sales

Have you created an amazing marketing campaign that you’re planning to roll out on your website and online newsletter?

That’s a great start, but consider how much more visible your message would be, and how many more people would see it, if it were shared across related social media sites.

While your social media shares might not directly influence your SEO ranking, there is a possibility for your account to show up as a search result on Google so you’ll need it to be as dynamic as possible.

Knowing this, do you have the time required to engage in a full-force social media campaign right now? Do you want to spend your working hours on this, or could it be jumpstarted by your external team?

This is just one way that investing in professional SEO services pays — and not just in one department. Results trickle down around the organization.

Ways to Incorporate Social Media Marketing and SEO

For one, you can create landing pages on your website. Then, you can create custom, tailored campaigns with links that direct viewers to the correct pages, ensuring that everyone interested in your content has direct access to learn more.

Moreover, as social media transitions from a nice-to-have app feature to a business-vital function, consumers are using it the search tools on each platform to connect with brands. In fact, many are shopping and making purchases all from the comfort of their own home.

In this case, a site that’s user-friendly, shareable, and payment-receptive will naturally stand out higher than one that stays in your blog list and never actually sees the light of day.

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We’re a search marketing agency dedicated to helping clients expand their reach, grow their business, and improve their visibility.

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